Interesting times we’re living in, right? One camp constantly reminding us that we’re running out of time, that Climate Change is coming for us all, that our rebellious little planet will soon kick us clean off her surface for causing such chaos and upheaval to her delicately balanced systems.

Cut to another camp, equally vehement in its insistence that the technological wonders now upon us will soon revolutionize the human species as we know it. “Don’t worry,” members of this camp scream, all is well, all is fixable, technology can and will conquer all problems, even those presented by Climate Change and its enormous threats to our continued tenancy within Mother Earth’s domain.

Who’s right, who’s wrong? Who’s to say? In the meantime, as a guy who is quite interested in how this is all going to play out, the avenues that we can explore together on this blog are just about endless.

What’s most interesting to consider is how the participants in this breathless race to the finish line are influenced by one another. On the one hand, we have Mr. and Mrs. Tranhuman, participants who fully endorse the idea that the human genome is outdated, that it can and should be altered, transformed, enhanced with something superior to it in every way. Bigger, faster, stronger, smarter. Humans have worn out their welcome. It’s time for an upgrade, and maybe even an outright replacement.

On the other hand, we have Mr. and Mrs. Climate Change, advocates of the idea that the human genome is never going to get the opportunity to be changed to any meaningful degree, much less altered such that it might be made more capable of coping with the existential threats posed by Climate Change.

Is it possible that neither of these participants in the race are going to take the ribbon? Could an unexpected hybrid participant, something not quite human, but neither something that could be described as a superhuman, might cross the finish line first?

If Climate Change truly does have the potential to wipe us out, then the time required by technological advancements to offer us alternatives is severely limited. Some of the biggest brains on the planet warn us that we are quickly running out of time to do anything of substance, something that might wholly avert, or at least avoid a direct punch to the face, delivered by this heavweight contender called Climate Change.

We should think about where we are as a species, as a civilization, where we’re trying to get to, and how much time we realistically have to get there. So much to explore.

Let’s start with an obvious target – Elon Musk. He will be starring in our next post.