So, moving forward, the PGA shall stand for Personal Gardening Anecdotes. Apologies to anyone who thought they would be getting the latest golf updates here…easy mistake to make, for sure, especially if one was perpetually in the lake and thought FloodedPlanet might be all about golfing gaffs. But I digress…

I have had more than a passing interest in hydroponics for quite some time now. So I thought it serendipitous when I found myself tagging behind a truck a few nights ago that sort of changed my luck. Driven by the owner of a recently opened hydroponics supply store in my neck of the woods, it came into view only just before I was preparing to turn off onto my final road home. The business name was plastered across the back windshield. Turns out, that’s all I would need to take action.

Two days later, I found myself leaving the owner’s shop laden with my beginner’s kit and a wealth of new information that caused my happy head to sort of lean to one side. It felt like a whole new world had just opened up for me to explore.

Four days later, and I’m now set up and ready to transplant several tomato plant cuttings into the clay pellets that will serve as structural support for these fuzzy-headed little gals. Perpetually drip-fed with pump-driven micro-nutrients, and lit by a nice compact grow lamp from above, they’ll have it pretty darned cozy during their growth cycle.

No pests, no herbicides, no wondering about the weather. The sun and the water and the food all taken care of. The food…the tonics…are to be described a bit further. Contained in three joyfully different bottles, all brightly colored and with creative branding, every one, they sported number triplets like 5-0-1, 2-1-6, and 0-5-4. Rather cryptic to the untrained eye, but each signifying different ratios of the various minerals that most any plant will need and want if it’s to stay growing and green for the duration. The accumulated repositories of gardening know-how all contained in these tiny little bottles of micro-pureed goodness just left me all a twitter with excitement.

Somehow, I’m pretty sure that something is scheming behind the scenes to show me the error of my misguided ways. What could possibly go wrong, right? In the meantime, it’s a pretty little picture I paint.

Updates forthcoming.