A Different Kind of Flooded:

To be blunt: this blog has evolved, currently resembling nothing of its former self. No more Climate Change. We’re not primarily about that anymore. I’m not going to remove those blog entries because I stick by what I’ve said. I’m not a denier. Climate Change is surely coming for you, me, and everyone we know in some form or fashion. Until then, however, let’s have some fun and start concentrating on a different passion of mine–writing.

I hope my naturally irreverent humor and good-natured pessimism will ooze out everywhere. I’m not up-in-arms about anything, and I hope you’re not offended by my not-so-aggressive attitude. I refuse to get too serious about much of anything. Stress kills.

As a Florida resident for the past 25 years, I’ve made my living as a technical writer for a couple of decades now, but my passions have nothing to do with the workplace. For me, this blog is about as fun as it gets.

I hope to go out of this world with a pen between my teeth, a pencil behind my ear, and my fingers gnarled up around a keyboard. Maybe I’ll have a little robot dog by then to keep me company. If you find the content I’ve put together for you here informative, entertaining, and a source of stimulating facts and figures, please share my site with others. Stay a while and browse around. The place is gonna get busy!

Thanks for visiting…

Gary (otherwise known as G2 (G Squared)