So, I was going through my old Dell desktop computer the other day. I’m lookin’ at the loveable thing right now and just have to snicker. Gigantor was purchased around 2003, as I remember, and is still running faithfully and flawlessly on XP. I love this thing for its sturdiness. Oh the bulk, the mass, the sheer weight and substance. It’s heavy and imposing, claiming its own ridiculous amount of desk space without shame or hesitation. The tower, should I accidentally tip it over on myself, would probably crush me, shattering bones and bursting internal organs. Or leave a massive gaping wound where gravity hurled it down to the floor. I love that kind of heft. After holding the little puff ball “Smart” phone in my palm all day, or tapping on a laptop that’s about as substantial as a saltine cracker, it feels good to come home to really absurd amounts of hardware, outdated stuff that never connects to the outside world for security reasons, but works great as an uncomplaining word processor and graphics filter.

Anywho, as I was saying…I was going through my computer and, by sheer coincidence, came across numerous posts from a blog I half-heartedly tried my hand at close to a decade ago, and mostly just for my own personal enjoyment (weird?…maybe, unless, like me, you just love to write for the sheer joy of it all, an audience really a secondary consideration to the craft itself). I read through them, one by one, lovingly, nostalgically, and, while I liked what I saw, I also discovered within surprised moments that my interests and outlooks have changed pretty substantially, as, of course, they were bound to do. The years unwind, priorities change, and we tend to insist on focus more, becoming rather picky about what we let intrude into our precious remaining time (conversely, we might just let that little puff ball I mentioned rule our days, seamlessly surfing from one meaningless wave to the next).

Well, immediately the thought of reposting them here entered into my brain, and it was what I fully intended to do. Then a reality check set in, and I realized that the content of that blog is not the content of this one. Hence, my self-restraint has overruled my impulsiveness. As it turns out, you will not be able to see all of those submissions, after all…but you will still see some.

It is interesting to note that writing, more than any other means of expression I can think of, will reveal how we, evolving even on a daily basis, change so slightly, even though we cannot observe these changes without the luxury of time and remembrance. Just glance back over your shoulder and peer deeply into the photos and videos of yesteryear. My, how you’ve changed, right? I hope you’re going down the path you always hoped you might. But let’s not get too sappy–you’re all grown up now and should know how to drive your own life.

I will begin to post these walks down memory lane in the next few days. There aren’t too many of them, and their titles will all contain the words “Time Capsule.” Here’s hoping you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Thanks for stopping by!