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A Different Kind of Flooded:

Read my blog post of this same title to get a sense of how this blog evolved from being a fun-filled frolic with water-related articles, then shifted quickly (and rather unintentionally) toward many posts that focused almost exclusively on Climate Change, to what it is going to be now…a place that deals with many different aspects of life here on Planet Earth, with no emphasis placed on any particular area. Much attention will be dedicated to the personalities that have influenced me and the world in which we find ourselves today.

We will be thoroughly discussing, in this not-so-scientific or serious blog, the big challenging world in which we live, work, and play. Everything is fair game here.

My philosophy, as far as this blog goes, is that I’m reporting events, adding a little skeptical flourish to otherwise “just-the-facts” type of journalism. My naturally irreverent humor and good-natured pessimism ooze out everywhere, as I suspected it might. I’m not up-in-arms about anything, and I hope you’re not offended by my not-so-aggressive attitude. Stress kills.

I’m not an activist, nor am I going to write my Congressman about Climate Change or anything else (for all the good that would do). These are challenging, exciting times we’re living in for sure, but I’m not advocating any particular outcome, simply because I believe the one that unfolds is the one that we never see coming. I sincerely believe we have some very rough waters ahead of us (pun intended). Human nature seems to delay in acting until the water is spilling over the bow. Such seems to be the case in front of us. We can always hope…but then we’re drilling for oil at a pace that’s not been seen in recent history, too. You’re not surprised either? Then you could be a member of my target audience!

As a Florida resident for the past 23 years, I’ve made my living as a technical writer for 15 of those, but my passions have nothing to do with the workplace. For me, this blog is about as fun as it gets.

I hope to go out of this world with a pen between my teeth, and my fingers gnarled up around a keyboard. If you find the content I’ve put together for you here informative, entertaining, and a source of stimulating facts and figures, please share my site with others. Stay a while and browse around. The place is gonna get busy!

Thanks for visiting…

Gary (otherwise known as G2)