When I started FloodedPlanet.com about eight months ago, my intent was to have some fun writing about water-related topics, then sharing my stories with readers through the ever more popular blogging approach. It was a totally unintended consequence that my rather simple and joy-filled pursuit should get caught up in the pernicious, all-encompassing sticky web that is the Big CC – Climate Change. But it happened, and I’m not sorry for it, and now I must move on.

If you’re not careful, Climate Change can latch onto you, like it did me, with its insidious tactics and strategies, sneaking its way into your gray matter, turning you into a junkie, of sorts, causing you to crave more and more news about all the events that the Big CC claims to be a part of. I ask, “How are the coral reefs faring this year?” I must know. “What heat record did we set today? What’s this about the methane bubbles? How fast is Greenland melting? What does ocean acidification mean? How much will the water rise?”

Each question drives you on to the next one, then the next, until you realize that you’re obsessed with this beast and how it’s taking over the planet, threatening to gobble up everything in its path, including your very own life. “Whoa…Wait…Slow down and lighten up!” I told myself. There’s got to be more to my existence on Little Blue than obsessing over how many ppm of CO2 we’re heading toward in 2017.

Here’s my admission—I’m done with being an addict. The news pours in and wrestles for my attention and I can decide to ignore it. It’s a choice, after all, and entirely mine to make. This has actually been taking place subconsciously, without me being totally aware that it was even happening. When I finally realized that I had reached saturation point, I wondered how it had occurred, and why. One of the biggest interests I think I’ve ever had in something, and now I was walking away. What gives? I’ll tell you what—our own apathy. I’m more than just a little resigned to the fact that there is a huge gaping disconnect between what is going on with the weather and the everyday concerns that the majority of people have as they go about the business of living.

Telling a smoker that the cigarettes may eventually kill her won’t stop her from engaging in the habit she loves most. She may even burn through her little sticks quicker if you really press her into a corner about it. Same for the alcoholic, the drug addict, the gambler, the men and women hooked on one or more of any of the vices the world has to offer, including the addiction of consumerism. We can’t very easily save the planet (er, I mean, ourselves) if doing so means we have to give up all the conveniences of modern day life we love with all our hearts and souls.

So the back and forth, the give and take, the one step forward and two steps back approach to reining ourselves in, and weaning ourselves off the fossil fuels nipple simply isn’t going to cut it. Sometimes compromise just isn’t near enough. When the compromise is compromised, it’s not a good deal. We are firmly in the business of “business as usual,” and there’s nothing going on in a big time way that will convince me otherwise.

The current administration’s salacious and shameful acts with regard to the environment and its blatant disregard for the well-being of the country’s citizens is enough to give the most ardent optimist reason for pause. If you’re a born skeptic, as I am, however, the whole fiasco could easily be deemed as nothing more than what we should expect when our priorities are entirely misplaced. Our core beliefs have been supplanted by whimsical fantasies about technological diversion and disruption.

Our futures are dictated by the capricious and callous decisions of those in control, perhaps more deluded than the rest of us by the power they wield, the money they control, the influence they can buy. People who look surprised by it all have probably been living lives under a heavy influence of diversion. As I said in my last post, we’re asleep at the wheel. What does that really mean? It means that serious dialog among the citizenry about topics that fundamentally matter to a strong society concerned about its well-being has largely gone the wayside.

Consumerism = Climate Change. The more we consume, the more of the Big CC we can expect.

When I named this blog FloodedPlanet, my emphasis was on water. Now, the name will be a reflection of a broader approach to the flood that is taking place down here in every way imaginable. The source of the flooding is, of course, us. We the people, all 7 billion of us, are responsible for this deluge. So, let’s talk about that…the people, I mean…in all the ways we can.

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